Where performance matters

People In Focus advises Danish and international companies

We advise in a number of areas where the individual's personality and behavior are important to the company's performance - primarily within Search and Recruitment, Individual Candidate Assessments and the Assessment and Development of Management Teams and Boards of Directors

People In Focus specializes in identifying the right people for the positions of specialists, middle managers, executives and board members.

Our experience is based on more than 2,500 search and recruitments in Denmark and internationally. Among our clients we count mature companies with clear international focus as well as start-up companies, that have chosen to focus on creating a winning team from the start.

We have completed search and recruitment assignments comprising several hundred positions to individual search assignments and assessments of middle and top managers.

We use modern search tools from databases and social media to internet advertising, and we have been responsible for some of the most publicized and recognized recruitment projects in Denmark.

People In Focus believes that long-term, close customer relationships and careful preparation of each task create the simple formula for success:

The Right Person in the Right Job at the Right Time.

Leadership development and advising investors

The behavior and personality of each management team member as well as the dynamics of the team as a whole are directly related to the team's ability to achieve its business objectives.

Transparency and knowledge regarding the team that will manage a possible investment and ensure the company's future provides Danish and international investors and boards with an informed basis for making the investment and how to cooperate with the management team going forward.

People In Focus assists venture firms, private equity funds, management teams and boards achieve their business goals through the use of our concepts Management Team Due Diligence, Management Team Review and our tool Management Team Profile.

We look forward to welcoming you to People In Focus.

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