Development of Management Teams and Boards

Optimizing the team’s cooperation, efficiency and business results.

The personality and behavior of the individual team member, combined with

the internal dynamics of the team is directly related to the team’s business results.

Using People In Focus' 'Management Team Profile' (MTP)

we determine the team's current perception of its skills in a number of essential areas, e.g. cooperation, communication, problem solving, execution strength, strategic planning and more.

In a parallel process the individual team members go through a personality and behavior assessment, thereby acquiring a renewed and updated insight into their own behavior in areas such as Work style, Interpersonal relationships, Leadership, Decision making patterns, Management style and Untapped potential.

We relate the team profile and the individual profiles to the company's business goals, results and organizational challenges. In this way causes, consequences and development areas are identified.

With the company's commercial and strategic objectives as the focal point, the development process involves a number of challenges to the team, and new insights and conclusions about the team's development and its future priorities and team-profile materialize.

The process is individually tailored to each management team and board of directors, and is focused on transforming the persons involved into a close-knit team with common goals and common business priorities.

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