​Search and Selection

The Right Person in the Right Job at the Right Time.

Search and recruitment of middle and senior management and board members.​

​People In Focus base our services on a broad and deep knowledge of search and selection across many industries, e.g. high tech, fashion, retail and on-line business.

We recruit for Danish and foreign companies, and we search both nationally and internationally for the right profile.


"The Right Person"

Our approach to search and selection is based on the principle that the personality is crucial to the success of the individual in a particular job, and that personality is difficult to assess.

Therefore, it is an established principle of People In Focus, that we define personality requirements and the formal requirements for the candidate through close consultation with key people in the client organization.

Then, to obtain as precise an assessment of the candidate's personality related to the job as possible, People In Focus utilize psychological and cognitive tests, in-depth interviews and a combination of these tools.

We are certified in the CEB-test system - one of the most recognized test systems in the world - and we are experienced with various other test tools.

From our job and company analysis to our testing and depth assessment, from our presentation of the top candidates to our follow-up, we are focused on identifying the top candidates that will fit the job, our client's corporate culture and make a positive difference.

"The Right Job"

It is an established principle of People In Focus that job content is determined in a dynamic dialogue with the client, so that sparring with People In Focus in combination with input from the client result in the identification of the Right Job and not just ‘a job', related to a random job description.

"The Right Time"

People In Focus regards a company as a dynamic organism and not as a static entity. As part of our job and company analysis we therefore discuss with the client the company's history, business development, current situation and future plans.

Ultimately, the total impression of the job content, the company’s challenges, culture and strategy is compared with the candidate's personality and experience and is essential to achieving the ideal match.

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