Personality is crucial to the results of the individual - but hard to assess!

From the beginning People In Focus has been aware of modern companies increasing utilization of on-line tools, web-based social networks as well as personal connections to generate top candidates.

Today it is common knowledge, that the personality and behavior of the individual are critically related to the success in a given job.

However, it is also common knowledge that the personality is difficult to assess !

The challenge for companies is therefore to get as accurate a forecast of the behavior of the top candidates - and thus as qualified a basis for the decision regarding employment - as possible.

People In Focus has completed more than 3000 in-depth assessments of top candidates. We have a deep and broad experience with the behavioral assessments of candidates in relation to specific jobs in a variety of industries.

People In Focus offers Danish and international companies to carry out behavior analyses of top candidates, on specialist, middle, and top management level.

In line with our Search and Recruitment concept the process is carefully designed to the individual client and the individual job.

People In Focus carries out a thorough job and business analysis, cognitive and personality-related tests, in-depth interviews and reference checks.

Combined, these efforts produce a highly accurate picture of the candidate within areas such as: Work style, Interpersonal relationships, Leadership, Decision-making patterns, Management style and Future potential.

Again we adhere to the saying: The Right Person in the Right Job at the Right Time

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