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CEB (former SHL) is among the world's leading providers of test systems and is internationally recognized for the high degree of validity and reliability of their tests.

At People In Focus we CEB certified.

People in Focus gives a hand to Syrian refugees

People in Focus in Hellerup have chosen to help the Danish Refugee Council to distribute emergency aid to Syrian refugees in Syria and surrounding countries.

People in Focus have become a business partner to the Danish Refugee Council, and have chosen to have their support go to the many people who are fleeing the civil war in Syria.

"As a company we feel an obligation to make a difference in the world - where there is the greatest need of help. The situation in Syria has been called the world's biggest humanitarian disaster right now. Therefore, we have chosen to support the Danish Refugee Council in Syria and the surrounding region, becoming a business partner DRC, "says Jørgen Trojel, Partner, People in Focus.

The situation in Syria is now the world's worst humanitarian crisis. More than 9 million people in Syria and surrounding countries need help here and now - and close to half of those who need help are children.

Danish Refugee Council helps around 500,000 people in the region each month, but the need for help increases, and the organization is constantly expanding its work as money is collected. Danish Refugee Council awards starter kits to refugees, when they arrive at a safer place in Syria or pass a border to one of the neighboring countries.

People in Focus encourages other businesses in Hellerup to become business partner in the Danish Refugee Council, thus contributing to relief to Syrian refugees.

Danish Refugee Council is Denmark's largest humanitarian organization and work in 35 countries around the world. In 2013 the organization was named the world's best humanitarian NGO by the international magazine Global Journal.

For further information please contact Kathrine Schmidt, Project Manager Danish Refugee Council, phone: +45 33 73 52 80

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We support the Danish Cancer Society.​

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