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Jorgen Trojel has more than 15 years of experience within Search and Selection, Assessment and Development of Management Teams and individual managers and conducting organizational projects for Danish and international companies.

Jorgen’s experience stems partly from his position as an Executive Director within the international consultancy business and partly from a number of international director’s contracts with Nokia.

Based on his background from consulting and corporate life, Jorgen has successfully worked with clients in a variety of fields, among others high-tech, retail, fashion, software, e-business and the telecom industry.

As a sparring partner for management in a number of well-known national and international companies, Jorgen has headed several projects, primarily in the areas of recruitment and search, organizational and management development, corporate analysis and facilitation of corporate strategy development.

Through his work, Jorgen has received widespread praise for his professional approach and his ability to enter into long-term customer relations, as well as his ability to understand client’s organizational and business challenges and to transform these into customized, sustainable solutions.

Jorgen holds a Master at Law from Copenhagen University and has taken advanced level courses in business management.

You are welcome to contact Jorgen at

Phone: +45 40 53 74 86

or on e-mail: jtr@peopleinfocus.dk​​

Associate, Karin Zander Latham is Aut. Cand. Psych. specializing in industrial psychology.

With her distinct combination of experience as an entrepreneur, a manager of Danish and international companies, and over the past 10 years, as a consultant for several well known corporations, Karin has a unique point of departure in her work with a wide range of clients​

Karin is an expert in developing management teams and organizations and create personal and professional development with visible, positive and lasting results.

Karin's basic idea is that we live in a complex world that is constantly changing, requiring leaders who are constantly trying to develop dynamically and challenge the assumptions of what ‘good leadership’ is.

Karin is also working with employees in crisis, for example

stress, as well as optimizing the strengths, self-esteem and relationships of individuals.

Karin puts emphasis on a close cooperation with customers and sees this as the foundation for a successful process and the desired result.​​

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